Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has many definitions. The syndrome is described as persistent tiredness which does not go away by resting. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome weakens ability to work and personal activities. Also social activity weakens.
Only lately doctors have started to pay attention to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Until now the syndrome has been underestimated.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I've written an article about Stress Management.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

What is Stress?

It's not easy to defind stress. We think we all have experienced stress at some point in our life so the definition for stress should be obvious.

Usually we talk about stress when we mean a feeling of mental overload which we have experienced.
There are many definitions for stress - depending on the field of science of the researchers.
Stress is a feeling which is caused by events or circumstances that makes us feel angry, frustrated, unhappy or excited. Stress is also defined as a feeling or experience where individual's needs, goals and abilities are not in balance and there is a conflict between these elements.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006


I've posted an article called "Industrial Food and Our Health". You can locate the whole article at:
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Here's how the article starts:

Human being has genetically not changed that much during last 5-7 million years. However, there has been lot of major changes in our nutrition. Human being started cultivating the land around 6000 years ago. Seafood, poultry, vegetables and fruits have always been the basic food for human being. Around 1000 years ago obtaining food regularly was very uncertain and we got adapted to energy intake limitations and fat deposits in case of famine.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


The five basic elements of life are: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and sulphur. All these elements have their own role in all biological processes. Of these five basic elements of life, oxygen has one exceptional property:
Oxygen atoms can easily bound to other molecules. This is why there is oxygen practically everywhere:
there is hardly no materia on earth which would not be of oxygen.
There is nothing as important as oxygen in life. Oxygen was discovered already in 1773. Oxygen has been scientifically researched, especially in the field of medicine. It was discoverd how serious and partly life-threatening consequences lack of oxygen can cause in human body.

Oxygen is our metabolism. Our body receives most of it's oxygen through respiration. Oxygen is absorbed to blood circulation in our lungs. Hemoglobin can tie oxygen and take oxygen to the billions of our cells in our body. Our cells need oxygen to develop energy and warmth. The more energy our body uses, the more oxygen it needs. In addition to nutrition, we need oxygen sufficiently and continuously for our body to function and for every single cell in our body to keep healthy and functional.

Oxygen has also another important role in our body. Our immune system uses oxygen. Oxygen can destroy illness-causing electrones which live in an oxygen-free environment. This "destruction system" can destruct illness-causing baceria, viruses and mycosis.

The main oxygen suppliers are rain forests and sea plankton. Today, there is 30% less oxygen in the air than one hundred years ago. Increasing air polution, increasing rain forest cutting, polution of seas and rivers are some of the reasons for the decrease in oxygen content of the air.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hi! Welcome to this blog! My name is Annukka Huotari. I have been on internet for past four years - trying out many programs. It sure has been "trial and error". So internet business is close to my heart and I thought I'd share some thoughts and tips about working on the internet. There is also another topic which is very close to my heart and that is health. Our health is the most precious asset we have and many of us take care of health by taking vitamines and nutritional supplement products. So I'll be covering topics relating to nutritional supplementation and health in general. Please check my site at
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